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Rovio Review

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The full Rovio Review has not been completed yet but is coming very soon.  In the meantime, you can read our Rovio Unboxed section of the review which shows you many detailed pictures of the product packaging with commentary explaining each picture, the items shown, and what they are. Bookmark this page and check back frequently over the next week to catch our tasty review when itís fresh out of the kitchen.

Also, you can check out a brand new review of Rovio done by industry acclaimed robotics expert Lem Fugitt of  He review gives thorough coverage of the features, hardware, and configuration issues relevant to the WowWee Rovio spy robot.  The review is packed with awesome photographs of the Rovio that show nearly every aspect of the robot itself and the accompanying charging dock with the built-in TrueTrack(tm) beacon which is the heart of its Northstar navigation system.  When youíre done reading his review, check back here for more pictures, videos, and important security and buying information. Here is a powerful quote from his enthusiastic review of Rovio:

"We think ROVIO is positioned to be the hottest robot for the upcoming holiday season, and for a long time to come. This robots functionality, usefulness, styling, and ease of use sets new standards. Not only is it a fantastic mobile webcam platform, it also lends itself to other applications. We can easily imagine colleges and research labs using ROVIO as a robotic platform to investigate swarming, or, on the lighter side, a new robot soccer league."






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