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    eBay Auctions for the Robopet are expiring now!


    UPDATE (11-3-2006): The November issue of Parenting magazine gave the Robopet their coveted ďbest buyĒ rating.  They pointed out that the children they had test it loved the little robot dog.

    UPDATE (12-19-2005): Get fast answers to Robopet questions or problems, visit the Robopet forum.  You can also get the latest info, tips, tricks, pictures and videos of the Robopet robotic dog on my new blog for Robopet owners. It is a centralized source for getting the most out of your robopet, or understanding the capabilities and quirks of this clever little robot dog. The blog is named the Robopet Review, and all readers are encouraged make comments or ask questions.

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    Questions about the i-Cybie? Vist the Robopet Forum.

    Special Feature!: i-Cybie vs. Robopet Robot Dog Comparison

    Mark Tilden, the inventor of the Robosapien, has added to his list of robotic toys with the addition of the Robopet.  This skinny robotic dog can perform a series of simple tricks including the ability to sit up on its hind legs.  With use of the punish and reward buttons on the remote control, you can train your Robopet to perform certain tricks more or less frequently than others. Robopet learns!  If you shine the remoteís pickle point light on the ground Robopet will follow it.  Several of the robotic dogís tricks can be activated from the remote control and you can guide him forward, back, left and right too. One of the neatest trickís Robopet does his roll over and play dead. Once heís done playing he will right himself up and continue his digital canine antics.  He includes sensors that allow him to see edges and in most situations, avoid falling off high surfaces like tables.  But always be sure to catch him just in case!


    HOT OFF THE PRESSES! - Our New Robopet Video showing a Voice Controlled Robot is here!
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    UPDATE: A couple of usage notes for those of you that have bought the Robopet and have questions.  The reward and punish buttons only work with tricks that Robopet has chose to do him or herself. If you try to select one of the tricks from the remote control, and immediately hit either the reward or punish button afterwards, that wonít train him.  Allow your Robopet to ďdo his/her thingĒ and when you see a trick you like hit the reward button.  If you donít want to see that trick as often, hit the punish button. 

    Also, here is an important tip on using Robopetís edge detection.  The on/off switch is actually a 3 position switch, not a 2 position switch. Make sure you have the on/off switch set to the center position which is the ed:on position and has a check mark next to it. The far right position is the ed:off position which has an ďXĒ next to it. The ed:off position turns the Robopet on but without using the Infrared sensors that detect edges, like the edge of the table. Itís only my guess, but Iím assuming they did this because the edge detection sensors consume a fair amount of power, and if you donít have Robopet on a table, you can extend the battery life by not turning on the edge detection sensors.  Be aware that edge detection does not work in demo mode or in program mode regardless of the switch position.

    Use this link to see some Robopet robot video from the CES 2005 show. Itís near the end of the clip.

    HOT OFF THE PRESSES! - See the Voice Controlled Robopet Video Now!



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