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  • Robosapien V2

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    Robosapien V2

    New Robosapien V2 has tons of new cool stuff!

    Important Topics



    [11-29-2007] - Big news! has the Robosapien RS Media for a ridiculously low $150 while quantities last. The Robosapien RS Media is the V2ís newer more capable big brother with multimedia capabilities and the ability to modify his sound files and other attributes of his personality. This is an amazing deal and will not last! Click here to learn more or to buy one now.

    [12-7-2007] United Kingdom readers : Argos has the Robosapien V2 for 1/2 off while supplies last for only £49, down from £99! Click here to buy The Robosapien V2 From Argos now!

    For pre-sales or technical questions about the Robosapien V2, visit our Robosapien V2 forum and get fast answers about the V2ís functions, capabilities, or technical issues.  We are all Robosapien V2 owners ourselves and can give you the information you need if you have a problem, are curious about what the V2 can or cannot do, or want the latest tips and tricks on this fascinating new robot.

    Use the Quick Links box below to read more about this great little robot man!


    Quick Links


    Buy Robosapien V2!

    (USA) Amazon

    Europe / UK



    Click Here To Buy The Robosapien V2 From Amazon Now 

    Click Here To Buy Robosapien V2 from Amazon/UK Now 



    Would you like to have your own baby dinosaur?


    VIDEOS: You can want to watch a nice long video of the Robosapien V2 interacting with the Roboraptor, taken by by ultra-hacker Chance Brown (Knitsu).

    Here are some more videos he recommends:


    NEWS UPDATE(11-20-2005): I am adding voice control to Robosapien Dance Machine, my free open source Robosapien voice control and scripting program, to support the Robosapien V2.  The V2 has a dizzying array of moves and animations, and voice control will make all that functionality a lot more fun and manageable. For example, you can control each of these body movements separately:

    • His head
    • His shoulders and waist
    • Each arm and wrist with several different variations in movement
    • Object pickup: low, medium, and high, each hand
    • Chops, kicks, and throws with each hand and foot
    • Lie down and stand up
    • Turning his two vision systems and sonic sensor systems on and off
    • Many different specific animations (movements) like laugh, insult, ďI need a hugĒ and more.


    TIP #1 - The Flinch Response

    While playing with my new V2 Iím discovering that the Robosapien V2 has a lot of built-in intelligence.  For example, if you hold one of his red bowling pins close to his face, heíll do a flinch response and the turn his color camera on to try and identify the object.  Once he sees that itís his bowling pin, heíll ask you to give it to him and heíll grip it in his hand. Then he will look to see if their are any other bowling pins directly in front of him. If there are, heíll put the one he is carrying down next to them. Bookmark this page and check back frequently.  Iíll be making a video of the Robosapien V2 being controlled by my voice. Iíll post an alert here when itís ready so you can watch it.

    NEWS UPDATE(10-19-2005): The Robosapien V2 has begun arriving on the doorsteps in homes across America already. Current price checks indicate a price range of about $255 USD. The Robosapien forums are alive with intriguing discussions on how to modify the robot to do even more amazing things than it does out of the box.  Early reports indicate that the robots battery life is roughly 4 hours in high use mode and about 3 to 4 times that in itís low power ďfollow you aroundĒ mode.

    Features - Short List

    Here is a short list of itís new features:

    • It is almost 32 inches in height.  Thatís almost 10 inches taller than the original.
    • It has better movement including the ability to sit down, stand up, and even lie down.
    • The hands have been redesigned for greater dexterity.  It can pick up heavier objects than the original and can tell when it has successfully grabbed an object or not.
    • Robosapien V2 can recognize objects and skin tones.  By recognizing skin tones the Robosapien V2 can tell  when a human has placed itís hand in front of its face instead of some other object.]
    • If a laser is traced on the ground it can follow it.
    • He can bowl!


    Prices for the Robosapien V2 is range between $220 and $250 and some areas are already receiving units.  Use this link to see a short Robosapien V2 robot video clip, taken from the CES 2005 show. Itís at the middle of the clip.

    Editors note, some more details: Apparently the V2 will require 2 more D cell batteries than its predecessor, for a grand total of 6 D cell batteries. It will have stereo acoustic sensors for detecting sound cues from the environment around it. When he recognizes a human he can wave and offer you his hand for a handshake. He will have a whopping total of 12 motors that will be controlled by a new remote control that resembles a Sony playstation remote. His improved motor skills will allow him to lift objects as heavy as a beer can and do a more precise and effective job at throwing things. He has a brand new free-roam mode; in this mode he will perform several interesting autonomous behaviors without the need of human assistance from the remote control. He can talk with his own voice! And finally, his improved agility is due to the advanced fully rotatable torso that his predecessor can only dream about.




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