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    Chrome, Dome, and Crappy!

    The Chrome And Dome Show(tm)
    - Movie Pictures

    Here are some pictures taken from the first episode of The Chrome and Dome Show.  In addition, I have added some pictures and notes on the software and hardware I used to make the robot video and to make a Robosapien robot dance and act.

    If you are looking for more technical details on how I made the movie, click here.

    If you have questions about the movie or anything else Robosapien related, visit our robot forum.

    Dome Enters, from Stage Right.


    The Boys Get Their Groove On!


    Running From GodZilla Is Great Exercise!


    Chrome Is Angry!


    A Robot’s Best Friend!


    Jon Rhees’ Magic Black Box. The UIRT, a USB infrared transceiver.


    To make my Robosapien robots dance and act, I needed a way to script the commands normally issued by the remote control in a much more effective and complex manner.  I wrote a piece of software, The Robosapien Dance Machine, to give me full script editing capabilities. In essence it is a word processor for Robot control.  With the addition of an adjustable WAIT command and creative use of the Robosapien STOP command, I was able to synthesize new movements that timed well to a 120 beats per minute song. I used the UIRT, a USB driven infrared transceiver made by Jon Rhees, to control my robots from my PC without the need for the remote control.  Below is a screen shot of the main screen.  The software is an open source project hosted on SourceForge.

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    This page and the show are done in the spirit of parody and satire.  The quotes are fictional and silly and so is the movie. All trademarks are the properties of their respective owners.



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