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New Robosapien RS Media : Custom Personality!


He’s furry, red, and robotic!  Meet ElmoSapien, the fusion of Sesame Street’s legendary Elmo puppet character and WowWee’s fantastic Robosapien RS Media robot.  Like VaderSapien, ElmoSapien is out to dominate the world, but in funny, silly, way!  Watch the video to see ElmoSapien in action.

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The costume was made from a Plush Friends Elmo hand puppet, and some red fabric I got at an Arts & Craft store. I paid a local tailor to create the suit, which has velcro straps on it so it can easily be removed at any time. Since the Robosapien V2 and the Robosapien RS Media use the exact same body mold, the costume fits the Robosapien V2 as well.  You can see the costume in detail by looking at the photos on this page. The costume does not harm the Robosapien RS Media in any way; except for his dignity!

Instructions on downloading and installing the ElmoSapien personality are below.

Note!: There are over 209 custom original sound files in this personality. It was a lot of work making it and all we ask in return is that you do not link directly to the download and that you do not upload it or send it to anyone directly.  Yes please do share it, but send your friends a link to this page instead!  That will encourage us to create more personalities and give your friends a chance to get the latest and greatest stuff!

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By downloading this personality you agree to use and install the ElmoSapien personality at your own risk. We will in no way be responsible for anything that happens to your robot or warranty as a result of your using it.

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Make sure you subscribe to our RS Media newsletter so you will be the first to get the cool updates we plan to make to Elmosapien and be notified immediately when a new personality is ready for download. Instructions on how to download and install the Elmosapien personality are below.

How To Download And Install ElmoSapien On Your Robosapien RS Media

Note: You will need 10.5 MB of free space on your Robosapien RS Media’s internal memory or your SD card if you are using one.  If you have trouble, visit the Robosapien RS Media forum for help.

  • Download the Elmosapien personality ZIP file and save it some place you will remember on your hard drive.
  • Unzip the file making sure you have the “use directories” setting turned on, so that the stored directory tree is intact after extraction is complete.
  • With your Robosapien RS Media powered down, attach the USB cable.  Then turn it on and put it in USB Mode (see manual).  This will allow you to access your robot’s memory as an external drive in Windows Explorer.
  • Using Windows Explorer, find the Robosapien RS Media USB drive which should appear as a Removable Drive in the drive list. 
  • Find the directory called /Personalities on the USB drive and open it (navigate into it).
  • Find the /Elmosapien directory from where you extracted it on your hard disk and copy it into the /Personalities folder on the USB drive.
  • That’s it!

You should now be able to exit USB mode, go into Control Mode, and use the b button to cycle through the personalities until you reach the ElmoSapien personality.  Make sure you test the robot interaction scripts, they’re funny and are a treat for anyone that owns more than one WowWee robot. Anytime you need a quick laugh, just touch ElmoSapien’s foot!

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