Pleo Dinosaur

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Pleo Dinosaur


Meet the cuddly green baby dinosaur that is taking the world by storm. Pleo is a baby Camarasaurus, a plant eating dinosaur from the Jurassic period. Itís about the size of a really fluffy house cat, with big blue eyes and a chubby playful body.  (Click on any photo to see a full size view.)

Ugobe has brought this mischevious baby dinosaur back to life through the magic of robotics. Itís the first designer species that will fall in love with and will want to call your own.

This web page will give you basic information on the Pleo. You can read our Pleo blog for more information and if you just canít wait to be updated when more is known, subscribe to the blog using the friendly form on the right.


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What makes Pleo special?

  • Pleo has a mind!  When you leave home for school or work, Pleo will continue to learn and grow, explore the house, learn about itís environment, even dream when it sleeps. 
  • Pleo will change over time depending on how you treat it, and the environment it lives in.  It will change the way it walks depending on the floors you have, become shy and introverted if you treat it badly, or become happy and more playful if you nice.
  • In a herd Pleos will learn from each other and can even catch a cold from another Pleo.
  • Ugobe, the company that created Pleo, studied real Camarasaurus fossil records, to learn how they lived and moved.  Pleo moves like a real dinosaur.  When you watch the video below, see for youself how hard it is to stop yourself from grinning when Caleb Chung, Pleoís grandfather, strokes his baby back.


When can I have one?

Check our page that tracks where to buy Pleo for the latest pricing and release date information.

Pleo Pictures

You can see lots of Pleo pictures in my Flickr group for Pleo.  Please join the group!

Be sure to bookmark this page (Ctrl-D) and come back often! We look forward to seeing you again, right Pleo? 

Editorís Note [06-4-2007]: We are beginning work on a portal site that will cover many areas of the Pleo Dinosaur not covered here. Right now itís just a blog that posts updates and feature pieces while the portal is being built. Feel free to visit and check out our progress.


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