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    Roboquad Hack


    Below you will find a few interesting ideas to get the most out of your Roboquad robot.  Note, some of these ideas may void your warranty so try them at your own risk. We are not responsible for any damage you do to your Roboquad.  These hacks are published for educational and entertainment purposes only.

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    The Roboquad Hacks


    Battling Roboquad Hacks

    Since the Roboquad does not have separate channels for incoming infrared signals, you have to take special steps to have two Roboquad’s operate independently of each other. Under normal conditions, a command sent from a Roboquad remote control, will affect identically every Roboquad close enough to receive it.  Here are some ideas to get around this limitation.

    Sparring Partner

    Input an aggressive fighting program into one Roboquad, then control the other robot against it.  As long as you don’t press STOP, you can fight your robot against the autonomous foe.

    Dueling Roboquads

    Here’s how to have your Roboquad fight your buddies. This hack will reduce the directional response from the remote so that Roboquad will only pay attention to you if you point the remote directly at the front. First put black electrical tape over the top light pipe on the head so that it will no longer see anything from the top or back. Next put masking tape over the IR LED on the remote to weaken the signal it transmits so it doesn't flood the room. You can adjust this a bit by using more masking tape.  In order for this to work, you would need two people in different spots to control two Roboquads. They will have to remain standing in a positions that are opposite each other, to avoid having signals from the two remotes affect the opponent Roboquad.

    Hardcore hack

    A better solution would involve a small microcontroller inside the IR remote to re-modulate the transmitted signal from 38kHz to 56kHz and change out the IR receiver inside the Roboquad to one set for receiving 56kHz.  Note that this hack will adversely effect the vision system that is tuned to use a 38kHz receiver inside the Roboquad but at least you would be able to remote control two Roboquads independently.



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