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Looking at Joebot it’s easy to see that he is Femisapien’s, WowWee’s first female robot, new love.  He dances, is funny, has controls in his hands like Femisapien does and is WowWee’s first robot that responds to voice commands!  He also has a Battle mode where you can duel with him by using a common television infrared controller (think of it as a harmless “laser gun” instead of a remote control). 

He also can be a robotic beat box or a crisp dancer and you can show him the tempo of a song by tapping out the beat. You tap out the beat by clapping your hands in the air, loudly tapping a surface like a table, or by tapping on his body.  Like Femisapien his movements are nimble and agile instead of the clumsy and slow movements you may have seen previous humanoid toy robots perform.  If you prefer to use a standard infrared remote control instead of his hand controls you can use the remote control for the original Robosapien or use WowWee’s Roboremote universal transceiver for WowWee robots.


  • Walks in several different directions
  • Responds to several key voice commands
  • He can a dancing BeatBox.  You can show him the tempo of a song by loudly tapping it out for him on a table, in the air by clapping, or on his arm cables.
  • Dances when he is in BeatBox mode with some new variations in the dance each time he performs it.
  • Tilt sensors that let him know when he has fallen over
  • Several different operation modes which include:
    • Autonomous Wandering in which he explores his environment on his own using his infrared sensors to detect and avoid obstacles
    • Patrol
    • Talk
    • Guard
    • Dance Demo
    • Battle Mode where he will survey his surroundings and take harmless shots with his arm LEDs at various targets.  You can join in the fun using a common television infrared remote control as your dueling weapon!

Technical Specifications (Remote Control)

  • Controls embedded in his hands act as your interface to Joebot but will also respond to the original Robosapien’s remote control or WowWee’s Roboremote universal infrared transceiver.


Where To Buy (USA)

Discovery Joebot

Discovery Joebot

The most advanced in Robot technology, Joebot is a walking, talking interactive buddy filled with comedic chatter -- just like a cartoon character! Packed with tons of modes and features, he can be your beatbox buddy, dancing along as you tap out a beat that he can repeat perfectly! Let him roam freely in Battle Mode to track and blast obstacles with his hand LED's - you can even square off with him using your remote control. The most advanced in Robot technology, Joebot is a walking, talking interactive buddy filled with comedic chatter -- just like a cartoon character!


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Where To Buy (Europe)


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Software System Requirements

Battery Requirements

6 AA batteries

How To Save Big Bucks On Batteries

Estimated Release Date

Available now (see above)

Suggested Retail Price

$99 USD

Picture Gallery - Photos courtesy of WowWee Group Limited

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Official WowWee video for JoeBot.

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