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Now you can use the power of your PC to design action sequences for your favorite infrared controlled WowWee robot, download them to a handy portable remote control, and then use them to control your robot without having to be tied to your PC.  The included companion software program allows you to design sequences of robot commands and then transfer them to the Roboremote via a USB connection.


  • Works with existing and future infrared controlled WowWee robots
  • PC software helps you design your action sequences
  • Software supports the Microsoft Windows platform
  • Automatic updates will be available for new WowWee products via a Web interface

Technical Specifications

  • 4 customizable buttons with 3 shift levels
  • USB connection
  • Infrared signal range of up to 6 1/2 feet (2 meters)
  • Battery Requirements
  • 3 "AAA" cell batteries (not included)

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Software System Requirements

  • PC compatible computer with at least a Pentium 4 processor running the Windows XP or Windows Vista operating system
  • At least 256 MB of RAM
  • USB connection

Battery Requirements

Remote Control - 3 "AAA" cell batteries (not included)

Estimated Release Date

Early Summer of 2008

Suggested Retail Price


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