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Elmo Live Doll

A comparison between the Elmo Live Doll robot and his predecessor, the Elmo T.M.X. robot


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Elmo LiveMany of you have asked what is the difference between Fisher Price’s blockbuster selling Elmo T.M.X. robot hit toy of 2007 and the Elmo Live Doll, their mega-hit toy for 2008. Plenty.  Fisher Price has really raised the bar with the Elmo Live Doll adding a ton more features and capabilities over the “Tickle Me Elmo” Elmo T.M.X. robot.

The Elmo T.M.X doll was a wonderful robot in its own right but quite limited in function.  It had a few touch sensors on its body that when pressed, made the robot doll do one out of a small set of different animations; all of which were hilarious laughing and giggling animations but that’s it.  They later upgraded his capabilities a bit with the deluxe “Extra” version. This version had a few new tricks which you discovered by moving various limbs and/or touching different parts of his body. The new tricks included singing news songs, giving Elmo the hiccups and more.

But the Elmo Live Doll goes way, way beyond that.  The Elmo Live Doll makes you feel like you have a little Elmo of your very own. He tells complete stories, some of which are interactive.  He tells jokes while standing up, sitting down, waving his hands all over the place, looking up and down, and more. Although he is fixed in one place (he can’t walk around like other robots), he can do just about everything he needs to tell stories and jokes; some of which require you to touch various sensors throughout his body to push the story or joke forward. This comparison can’t do the Elmo Live Doll justice so we have prepared a set of videos to watch just so you can see how life-like he is. Watch the videos and order one fast.  This is one of those Fisher Price mega-hits that is going to sell out fast and leave you high and dry or paying a painful premium price on eBay.





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