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UPDATE: Due to the bad economy the Spyball has been cancelled by WowWee.


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Spyball is a mobile webcam that rolls on wheels that can perform nimble 360 degree turns or can transform into a ball for even greater stealth.  Itís a fun way to explore your home and spy on family members or pets.  Any WiFi enabled device that can connect to an 802.11 b (but not g) network device can access Spyballís camera to view either live video or still images. The spy bot comes with a microphone too but does not have a speaker, so you can listen in remotely but not talk back.  You donít need to use the Internet to access Spyball since you can make direct ad hoc connections to it via Wifi, but you can if you want to for true global remote access and viewing.

Spyball can be connected to from many WiFi enabled devices such as PCís, video game consoles and even cell phones.  It comes with a USB cord that takes the user through an easy setup process to configure Spyball for remote access.  Spyball is little brother to the self navigating and self recharging Rovio robot.

Spyball has two revolving domes, one per side that act as wheels.  The middle section is unmoving and holds the camera. In its closed state, the camera folds down and a balancing wheel tucks into the body. In this state, you can roll the ball along the ground. It has a bottom weight which is used to correct its positioning when it comes to a stop. This orients Spyball into the correct position for the changing to the camera or open state. Once activated electronically the head and balancing wheel pop out to allow you to start driving it again.


  • Can change into a ball or a wheel based camera fluidly on your command
  • Direct connection to it via a WiFi ad hoc connection from within your home network is possible without requiring an Internet connection the complications of setting one up.  However, if you do desire remote access and viewing capability over the Internet, Spyball can be configured to do that too.
  • Accessible from PCís, many video game consoles, and a variety of cell phones.
  • Takes still images and send them to you as well as sending you streaming video
  • Capable of making fast 360 degree turns giving it full mobility.
  • Has a microphone for listening in remotely.
  • Streams live video and audio to you either over a local ad hoc connection or from across the Internet

Technical Specifications (Robot)

  • (Coming soon)

Technical Specifications (Remote Control)

  • No remote control is required.


Where To Buy

This robot has not been released yet.  It will be released some time in 2009 so check back here frequently.  When a firm release date becomes available, we will post it here.  If you want to be updated as soon as we get information on Roborover or other fantastic and exciting robots and gadgets then sign up for our mailing list.





Software System Requirements

Battery Requirements

Rechargeable Li-Poly pack

How To Save Big Bucks On Batteries

Estimated Release Date

Fourth Quarter (Q4) of 2009

Suggested Retail Price

$169 USD

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