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iRobot is one the best known names in military and consumer robots with their legendary Roomba vacuum cleaning robot springing easily to mind. iRobot is readying ConnectR for entry in to the global consumer market in 2009 (it has not been released yet). ConnectR is iRobot’s answer to WowWee’s Rovio mobile spy robot and the Meccano Spykee.  ConnectR is a home telepresence robot that can be used to keep you in contact with family and pets while you are away. It features full two way audio and two cameras.  One notable feature of ConnectR is that it will use it’s own web serves to provide secure encrypted communications between you and it.  It will have its own software for navigating and operating the telepresence robot and will be able to find its charging dock by itself and recharge when its batteries run low.

ConnectR is currently not available for consumer purchase but should be some time this year. They have a pilot program that is underway right now which was opened earlier but has now been closed to new applicants.  The pilot program is being conducted to perfect the product and iron out any product design details that need to be fixed or improved before releasing ConnectR to the general public.


  • Secure private network for keeping your remote audio and video sessions private from snoops and hackers.
  • Privacy mode which refuses any incoming connections when you wish to be left alone by incoming callers
  • Two cameras for optimal coverage and environment handling with full tilt, pan, and zoom.

Technical Specifications (Robot)

    (Coming soon)

Technical Specifications (Remote Control)

    A remote control is not required.

Where To Buy

This robot has not been released yet.  It will be released some time in 2009 so check back here frequently.  When a firm release date becomes available, we will post it here.  If you want to be updated as soon as we get information on Joebot or other fantastic and exciting robots and gadgets then sign up for our mailing list.





Software System Requirements

Battery Requirements

(Information not available yet.)

How To Save Big Bucks On Batteries

Estimated Release Date

Some time in 2009

Suggested Retail Price

$499 USD

Picture Gallery - Photos courtesy of iRobot

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